Prof. Dr. Falko Tappen has been dealing with the topic "Green Tax Declaration" as an element of sustainable living for several years now.

His central starting point is the realization that a tax declaration comprises a pool of information about the tax payer's daily routines. This pool can be used to

  1. determine one's personal / company-specific carbon footprint and
  2. remodel this footprint by means of suitable compensation measures so as to minimize the tax burden.

To this end, TCS Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH offers you some very special advice: the "Green Tax Declaration".

  1. As a first step, the client's specific data are examined to determine the carbon footprint. This exmamination considers the statistical data of the German Federal Environmental Agency (Bundesumweltamt) and factors in the taxpayer's specifics.
  2. As a second step, suitable compensation measures for the CO2 excess are suggested to the client that will minimize the tax burden. The actual compensation measures will then be taken in co-operation with non-profit organizations as agreed upon with the client.
  3. The methodical basis for the calculation of the quantity of CO2 is i.a. provided by the study CO2-Bilanz des Bürgers (Carbon Footprint of the Citizen). The reports have been drawn up in the context of a research project by order of the Federal Environmental Agency, research and development project funding code 206 42 110.

Among the aspects worth considering are:

  1. Heating
    Transport, public and individual transport
    Private and public consumption
  2. Costs of compensation: The individual costs of a compensation depend on the personal / operational situation. But: In many cases, the compensation expenditure is under 100 euros.

Our law firm's contribution:

pAs a sign of our own commitment we will, in accordance with the mandate agreement, participate in the compensation of our client's CO 2 emission.

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